Profile File:

The Profile File of a consultant is very relevant as this is the vehicle by which hiring of consultants may occur.

Please remember that all consultants—member, associates, affiliates, adjuncts—may have several pages in their specific file which potential Sponsors who are considering hiring them as consultants may examine.

This is what these pages should contain:

1. Profile Page including a profile picture.

2. A resume/ CV available on site or for download.

3. The contents of the special application form with their various scores available.

4. At least the two letters of recommendation from others available. This is why a strong, but fair and appropriate letter is so relevant.

This effectively means that their documentation should be kept up to date and they may modify it as and when necessary.

These pages should be kept up to date by the consultant.

They will be such that no special web knowledge is required.

All of these can, therefore,  be modified as advances occur, and it is our expectation that the individual consultant will be able to do this. If not there may be significant costs involved as others may need to be hired, and those staff-members will have access to the pages.

The pages’ administrator should know about any changes so they can be checked and if necessary audited.


Three groups have access to this Profile File

1. The sponsors.

2. Members of the relevant ECAO boards.

3. The consultant himself/ herself.

4. Webmastering team.


These files are private and should not be distributed.

All information in these files are private and secured.  They should not be distributed to anyone else.

If you, as a consultant or sponsor,  know who else is a consultant, you are not at liberty to mention this. This is private data.

Consultants may list their designation in ECAO in their websites or resumes.

You can however publicize your own ECAO status but ensure that you must mention the designation.

For example:

1. An Adjunct must not call himself/ herself a member or a consultant but an Adjunct Consultant.

2. Members and others, where applicable, should list their designation e.g. Professor or Level 12 or Distinguished Fellow etc.

Violation of privacy rules are regarded as serious and may result not only in expulsion from ECAO but also other charges. The reason for this seriousness is that the sheer existence of ECAO depends on Sponsors. And sponsors, although able to discuss consultant appointments securely within relevant employees of their company, have paid or donated for this privilege.

For other questions, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.