About Us:

There are three major objectives of this organization and a fourth highly relevant one.

  1. To provide the opportunity to contribute to knowledge and the world, by mobilizing exceptional creative achievement for companies, other organizations, governmental groups, and individual researchers and developers who are seeking assistance with creative problems. These groups or individuals in turn are “sponsors” allowing the continued functioning of the ECAO. Only “sponsors” have access to the consultancy list and professional backgrounds of the consultants, allowing them to choose who may be appropriate for a specific task.
  2. To provide Consultants (those admitted as Members, Associates, Affiliates or Adjuncts) with the opportunity to professionally utilize their creative and intellectual skills in their areas of expertise. Whereas ECAO provides the meeting point of Sponsor and Consultant, Consultants are free to choose to accept, reject and to negotiate contracts independently of ECAO.
  3. To provide Consultants with seed research and theoretical project funding or expenses, and to allow for specific consultant interaction when appropriate, if outside agencies fund a specialized ECAO grant proposal.
  4. There is also a very important fourth intention just below the above three in importance, namely recognition of advancement:
    • Consultants on the three higher tracks (Members, Associates, Affiliates) and potentially sometimes even with Adjuncts have the opportunity to advance in rank through different levels of Creative Achievement.
    • In the case of Members, the highest consultant award, Members advance through Level 1 (Aspiring Candidate) through the levels of Representatives and Fellows to the highest Level of Level 16 (Distinguished Creative Laureate Poymathic Professor). This creates a challenge and recognition of accomplishment. There are no restrictions as to time required to advance to the next level (other than at the Professorial levels where voting by the Advancement Board is required). Because advances are based on not just Creativity or Achievement but Creative Achievement, even exceptionally intelligent individuals who have not actualized their creativity may languish as Candidates.
    • As a consequence of this remarkable recognition, even though individual consultants are not allowed to list anyone else as an ECAO consultant (generally they will not know), they may list their own rank within ECAO publicly, but they should with their title e.g. Senior Fellow or their Level e.g. Level 5 Associate.
    • Because the designations not publicly listed, those who are Associates or Affiliates can still participate as consultants and potentially negotiate contracts with Sponsors or Donors.
    • Only the Administrators of ECAO and the Sponsors/ Donors may know about their exact levels unless the individual involved announces it or gives permission for such levels to be announced (which likely would not come about).

The organization, ECAO, reflects the coming together of several of the most creatively brilliant individuals worldwide.

Members conform to two rare and two common criteria:

The two rare criteria are rare because of the remarkable requirements:

  • • very exceptional intelligence (1 in 5000 or higher based on “IQ” equivalent; in reality, this is usually much higher because very stringent measures are taken into account so that often those measured only at the 1 in 30,000 or higher level qualify depending on testing and
  • • demonstrable exceptional creative achievement.

The two common criteria are:

  • • a high ethical requirement required the individual consultants to assure ECAO that the company that may want to hire them will have someone who will work competently, efficiently, conscientiously, honestly and ethically and that the consultants do not have any criminal records or records of malpractice.
  • • an educational requirement which usually is a doctorate from an accredited university, but may be attained by alternative educational or achievement means reflected in Creative Achievement. This means that exceptionally individuals without formal education can utilize part of their Creative Achievement points to fulfill the educaitonal requirement.

ECAO may be the first organization or society of its kind worldwide where the creative potential of very exceptional individuals is being tapped for consultative purposes as well as the potential to contribute positively to the world.

It is far more than just another exceptional IQ society, because over and above the very exceptional general (convergent) intelligence requirements, members must demonstrate not only creativity but that creativity is innovative expressed in achievement.

The official name therefore is: The Exceptional Creative Achievement Organization (ECAO).

This embodies the acronym AEIOU: Actualization, Exceptional Intelligence, Originality, Understanding. ECAO is also referred to as 5KIQ.com.

Therefore, to recap, ECAO (5ECA.com; 5KIQ society) requires four fundamental admission requirements for full membership at any level:

  1. Demonstrable intelligence of one in 5000 of the population.(for a discussion of this difficult criterion see the intelligence section). From this derives the 5 in 5ECA. (Of course, the alternative name 5KIQ also comes from this origin. We discourage this name, however, as potentially pretentious and limiting. In addition, because of the stringent testing requirements, as indicated, the IQ limit is closer to 1 in 30,000 for full members). The object ultimately is demonstrable exceptional creative achievement, and one major direction towards this end is to be grounded in exceptional convergent logical g-factor intelligence. Additionally, it is likely that such ECA goes far beyond 5KIQ anyway.
    (Even though Membership requires the 1 in 5000 intelligence cut-off, there is also the opportunity for extremely creative individuals to join as Associates — at least a 1 in 1000 cutoff — or Affiliates, who may have demonstrated profound creative skills but e.g. may not have been formally tested and rarely, by invitation only, be admitted as Adjuncts.)
  2. Exceptional creativity as reflected by Innovative and Creative Achievement: This has three components:
    • • Social
    • • One on one and
    • • Individual

    It reflects intelligence at the exceptional range of the c-factor (Creativity factor). From this derives the ECA — referring to exceptional creative achievement — in 5ECA. (For those who exhibit the in 5,000 intelligence criterion and have demonstrable exceptional creativity but without the achievement, the category of Adjunct exists though this requires special examination and is by invitation only.)

    These first two criteria ensure this a remarkable society whose members can potentially impact positively on our world.

  3. The third aspect, appropriate ethics, excellent moral character of members and conformance to the by-laws and rules of the ECAO is critical. This is so as Consultants (Members and Contributors) may be professionally consulted and the highest level of behavior is expected.
  4. Appropriate education equivalent to an accredited doctoral degree based on a points system. Effectively, this equivalence allows exceedingly creative individuals to create a pathway separate from formal education by using peer-reviewed publications and creative equivalents.

ECAO is officially a non-profit corporation (in Washington State, United States). It is in the process of attaining non-profit status as an IRS 501(c)(3).

Whereas the official name is The Exceptional Creative Achievement Organization (ECAO), an alternative name that can be used only by Full Members of this society is 5KIQ Society. This is so as full members conform to the criterion for 1 in ≥5000 level of intelligence as measured by the approved tests. Associates, affiliates and adjunct consultants may or may not exhibit the demonstrated 1 in ≥5000 level of intelligence, but if they have been credentialed by the ECAO criteria at that level, and it is confirmed in writing by ECAO that they are entitled to use the term, they may also indicate membership of the 5KIQ Society. However, some may find the term somewhat haughty so may care to avoid it. In any event, ECAO is far more than just another society reflecting exceptional intelligence.

Income and funding derives from Supporters (Friends). These include Sponsors, who may hire Consultants, Donors, and Subscribers. Associates and Affiliates also pay a nominal membership fee.

This income allows the potential funding of projects relating to exceptional creative achievement.

For further information see Summary Criteria for ECAO consultants.