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Exceptional intelligence and creativity information

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Broad intelligence links and ideas at the website of the Executive Director, Dr Vernon Neppe. Please note these reflect Prof. Neppe’s perspectives and they may not be the same as many other specialists in the exceptional intelligence area.

Overview of exceptional intelligence.


Exceptional intelligence is far more than a statistic of profound positive deviations from the mean.

There are major questions of construct validity. For more on this refer to Intelligence requirements on this site.

Largely ignored till recently are the concepts of divergent thought reflected in the Creativity Factor of intelligence or the c-factor. There are several other factors required in exceptional intelligence actualized in creative achievement. Some may surprise you.

Dr Neppe’s perspective of the numerous factors required for true genius are discussed. This is more than  Creative Prodigies require.

For the first time, the concept of Prodigy is divided into Creative and Advanced Prodigies.

We are looking for possible child prodigies. Please examine the data here. If you know of someone who may qualify and is prepared to be in our research sample, please let us know at [email protected]

This research also describes examples vignettes of advanced or creative behaviors in children.

Particularly relevant to a new perspective of measuring exceptional intelligence is the use of historical vignettes combined with general records. This resulted in the development of the SCHiQ.
Outside intelligence links 
This is a  worldwide society examining intelligence and IQ. It produces the journal “Intelligence” and holds annual meetings of very high scientific standard.
Examples of a few societies involving membership based on exceptional intelligence follows. This is not meant to be an extensive list.

ISPE – International Society for Philosophical Enquiry (largest worldwide very high IQ society [1 in 1000] which also uses progression. (The executive director of ECAO and other anticipated founding members of ECAO have attained the highest public rank, Diplomate of the ISPE)
ISI—Society  (a high IQ society which stands for 151 reflecting roughly 1 in 1400 intelligence). This is one of the societies that has active communications between members (The executive director of ECAO and other anticipated founding members of ECAO are both  Members and Honorary Members of the ISI society).

Vertex Society. This is an exceptional IQ society with a difference.

The ECAO hopes to maintain strong links with these and several other exceptional intelligence organizations.