Contributors: Associates and Affiliates:

Coding details of scoring Contributors (Affiliates and Associates)

Scoring below the level of Candidates i.e. for Associates and Affiliates, has two components. 

The principles of progress for Friends are exactly the same in terms of progress for Members.  , However,  some cannot become Candidate Members because they are e.g. at the 1 in 1000 IQ level not 1 in 5000. In that instance,  to be an Asssociate, the requirements for Candidate Level 1 were fulfilled other than the intelligence one and this will likely not change i.e., those Associate Friends will never become Members but can progress on the Associate Track.

On the other hand, some with IQ≥1 in 5000 would not have sufficient Education points or Total points to qualify for Candidate Level 1 but would when those were gained. These individuals can progress once they have fulfilled the requirements to Candidate or other Membership levels.


An extra Candidate level below Affiliate exists, namely Adjuncts.
These individuals require an invitation to apply. The invitation must be on approval of the ECAO board governing Adjuncts.
Either a 1 in 5000 intelligence, outstanding ethics, demonstrable profound creative ability without achievement and demostration based on special tests allows admission.
Alternatively rarely, someone of outstanding ethics, demonstrable profound creative ability with creative  achievement with appropriate education scoring may be admitted as Adjuncts.


For detailed information on the 4 different tiers and 14 different  levels (this is more technical information) consult the Tiers and Levels  section:

Essentially, these reflect progression for members:  The four tiers are Candidates, Representatives, Fellows, Professors. These correspond with different levels: Levels 1-3,  4-7, 8-11, 11-14 respectively. Those not qualifiying for Membership can join as Friends, and they may qualify as Associates (higher level) and Afffiliates.


For specifics relating to each category consult the  Scoring Specific Points section:

You should concentrate on the total score. It will be the exception not to make it if the total score is covered with Candidates and if there is signficant added creativity with Representatives. Do not attempt to understand initially the various scoring of tiers and categories.


Detailed information on the several codes in the complex scoring system (this is more technical information) can be found under Coding  at

Generally you can ignore the complexity of this system designed to ensure a balance in progression through the different levels. The most relevant component is simply the  overall points requirement once an individual has been admitted to membership.


Contributors still need to fulfill the Membership requirements of the ECAO namely:

Ethical requirements and excellent moral character

This requirement is rather obvious and at a level not only of professional societies with codes of ethics, but of a kind where members must conform to the need to be consultants at a very high level. Because of this, members are required to be recertified every year.

However, Associates are just short on one of the requirements for Membership namely either the Intelligence requirement or the Exceptional Creative Achievement ones such that they may still be exceptional at the 1 in 1000  intelligence level, or may be at the 1 in 5000 level but not scored sufficient educational (60) and creativity (25) making a minimum  total of 85 points to qualify for Candidate (even after borrowing points from the Creativity Categories).


The one in 5000 intelligence “exception”.

As an exception to the 85 point rule,  an applicant with a 1 in 5000 intelligence,  but with less education points one can qualify for contributorship (40 instead of 80 education points and then 5 more creativity points) at the Candidate Associate Level 1. Effectively while a Contributor, a 1 in 5000  qualifier has 40 more start points, be they either Associate or if they still do not qualify with 45 points as an Affilliate. This will occur throughout their progression, although very soon with progression, they might qualify for Membership (where the 40 points do not carry over).

Affiliates  are two short of these requirements. Again, they still require the well-roundedness of exceptional general intelligence (1 in 1000 level) however, which can also be adapted through a SCHIQ estimate of at least 1 in 5000.


High general IQ requirement  as reflected by Intelligence requirements

An intelligence score of 1 in 5000 is a minimum for admission to full membership. A score of 1 in 1000 with all other criteria met allows for Associate Consultancies with the same track level requirements as Members but just in the Associate track.

Exceptional Creative Achievement as reflected by creative achievement.

Exceptional creative achievement requires demonstrable achievment: This may reflect creative academic achievement or demonstrable equivalent public creative achievements. Because of this certain educational minima are required but may rarely be achieved though other mechanisms.

Consequently, progression in ECAO is mainly one of progression in ECA (exceptional creative achievement).


Creative achievement is not the immediate criterion of admission other than this exception and other than the requirement of at least 25 creativity points for Level 1 Membership  but involves significantly progression:

      • Criteria may be reviewed by the board at any time and point scores altered. However, if the points have already been allocated they will not be subtracted if lowered (i.e. grandfathering of points), although they may increase if the board decides.
      • Educational and creativity minima (Combine points system). (Qualifications must be from an accredited educational institution; Intention: not an Internet or other bought acquisition; single criterion cannot count twice).
      • The educational requirement is one admission component besides exceptional intelligence, creativity and ethics.
      • Whereas ethics at any level is an absolute, 1 in 1000 subjects can be Associates, with the proper points scored or 1 in 5000 subjects not achieving those points but missing either education or creativity criteria can be admitted as Associates.
      • If 1 in 5000 subjects miss on both creativity and education  they will be affiliates; if 1 in 1000 subjects miss one criterion, they will be affiliates.  Occasional subjects with both the creativity and education criterion and SCHIQ scores above 1 in 1000  may be admitted under exceptional conditions as Affiliates.

Any progression must officially be approved by the board. Advancements cannot be approved by oneself (if a board member).


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