Authorship Achievement:

Please remember that Authorship as listed below can be applied at the applicants discretion for either Educational or Creativity points, without penalty. (Other areas of creativity are re-allocated to three quarters score when used for Educational points.  This is particularly significant for applicants who cannot achieve sufficient Educational points. It also may occasionally be used when progressing through the different levels once one is a consultant.

(single = full points, 2 authors: 0.6, 0.4; 3 authors: 0.5, 0.3, 0.2; 4 authors: 0.4,0.3, 0.2, 0.1; 5 authors and beyond:,0.3, 0.2, 0.1, 0.1, 0.1, then 0.0) Categories Publications, Publicly visible recognitions

  • Original research including peer reviewed sole author publication in journal listed by an abstracting system. (each counts 4) *
  •  Book chapters are allocated at 4 points each if single authored.
  • ·Publications not included in the above are allocated at 2 point each. Letters to editors and abstracts 1 point; reviews 2 points. Presentations are allocated at 1 point when invited outside one’s direct academic system.
  • Books — full fledged, not edited. 12 (edited books count 4; or first co-authored count divided into number of authors : if 2, first 8 second author 4; if 3 first 6, second 3, third 2; if 4 or more: first 5, second 3, third or more 1)
  • Poetry —several poems published in peer review settings. (counts 1 each)
  • Plays- published for sale or produced 12 points
  • scoring of co-authored publications etc. Use the figure for points of the achievement: Multiply by half if first author, one third if second author, one quarter if third author, one fifth if fourth author, no credit beyond) and apply that figure to full integer if ≥0.5, otherwise below that. E.g. 1st of 2,3, or 4 authors so if original publication of 4 then score 2; the second author scores 1.33 so 1, the third author scores 1, the fourth author scores 0.8 so 1) (please note that any resultant fractions only count when they become integers)
  • Curator and author of full sections in encyclopedias such as Britannica or Scholarpedia 36 points.
  • If chapters in lesser recognized by invitation encyclopedias 12 points
  • Webpages which are published on the Internet and demonstrate aspects of originality, in the opinion of the author. (O.2 points per page of minimum 1000 words and / or 1 diagram; maximum points total can be 5 points for any website and maximum of 10 points total.
  • Voice lectures on the Internet listened to by 100 plus individuals score 1 point and 1000 plus score 5 points. Maximum on this system 40 points.
  • Software innovations or writing of original programs (minor overhauls or for specific purpose on a site) . 2 points with a maximum of 16 points.
  • Major adaptations of software programming involving software architecture revisions.  4 points each with a maximum of 28 points.


Presentations and publicly visible achievements:

  • Presentations at international conferences 2 points each. Presentations at national conferences 1 point each. No credit for presentations at regional conferences.
  • Formal advertised continuing education presentations at other university systems count 1 point each.
  • Invited presentations outside one’s country count 2 points.
  • Attainment of the rank of chess expert or equivalent in Scrabble. 12 points.
  • Attainment of the rank of chess master or equivalent in Scrabble. 12 more points (so 24 points including expert)
  • Attainment of the rank of chess grandmaster or equivalent in Scrabble. 12 more points. (so 36 points including expert and master).
  • Athletic or sporting performance at international level counts 30 points, at a state level counts 14 points (half of these for junior / student/ under 21 equivalents but cumulative).
  •  Art or photographic exhibitions. International level counts 30 points, at a state level counts 14 points (half of these for junior / student/ under 21 equivalents but cumulative).
  •  Concerts on different topics. Each concert solo 20 points per different musical concert. 5 points in participation. Maximum is 100 points.
  •  Musical compositions. Full CDs 30 points each.


All data is cumulative unless otherwise stated.

Authorship, publication and presentations can also count towards education, if needed, at a ratio of one to one.

All other Creativity points are scored at a ratio one creativity point to three quarters of a point for Education.