Apply for consultancy:

Thank you for considering the ECAO.

We see the potential as enormous.

These are some ground-rules to bear in mind. You will understand that we need to ensure that the information given and the forms and references are appropriate for all applicants.

This is to protect you and the Sponsors.

However, at this point, prior to documenting everything, you may submit the form preliminarily and thereafter complete all the details required.

Please remember that we will only allow one application. If, however, you are admitted, you may progress through the various tiers and levels.

If you become an Associate or Affiliate, you will also have the opportunity to progress on that track, or be “promoted” to Member or Associate, when and if you qualify.

The applications of applicants who do not fit any one of the four criteria namely ethics, intelligence and education plus creativity may not be acknowledged.

At this point, this website is being built and we are adding in secured servers. Nevertheless, we are taking formal applications, though the forms are in beta format.

We are building a procedure whereby applicants will be able to put in their detailed information and a score will be generated.

This will give them a good index of what level of Consultancy they may qualify for and whether or not they will qualify for ECAO.

If you have discussed your possibly joining ECAO with  the Executive Director, Dr Vernon Neppe, you may contact us at [email protected].

If you have not, you may want to briefly indicate to us why you believe you qualify, and if appropriate, we will send you a scoresheet so you can preliminarily establish your score.

Please remember the following guidelines so that your provisional note can be complete. Please ensure this is as complete as possible as only one application may be allowed if the individual is rejected.  Ensure you include demographics such as your name, date of birth, geographical area, sex, educational degrees or diplomas as a minimum. Please also include an updated curriculum vitae, and the brief statement above accentuating the areas that have allowed you to qualify.

1. Intelligence tests that are not suitable are those that have been completed in an open test format.

The test results need to be authenticated through ECAO admissions officer.

1 in 5000 will allow the potential for Membership. 1 in 1000 will allow the potential for Contributorship. This potential is provided the education and creativity requirements are met.

Do not just send e.g. high IQ societal memberships. We need to know what tests these were on and what the conditions of the testing were irrespective of what the rarity of membership. We will not accept tests that were done at home, through the mail.  Additionally, the other areas such as education, creativity and ethics must be covered.

2.  The education elements are essential to admission and require at least 60 points. These are equivalent to a doctorate but there are several creative routes to attain this (See points systems under education, publications and creativity such as individualsocial and one-time creative achievements).

Publications count towards education, though they can be used for creativity, as well.  Points under the category “publications” are allocated on a one to one basis.

There are  also mechanisms by which creativity points can be allocated towards education at 0.75 * equivalent. This is used specifically to allow qualification for ECAO.

Additionally, the creativity elements require at least 25 points even for those with doctorates, and possibly far more if one does not have a doctorate because one is exchanging creativity points on a three quarter point education to one point creativity equivalent.

Please remember that these criteria are formidable even for those with doctorates, and therefore very few of those who have even the intelligence requirements would be admitted to membership or contributorship  of ECAO. However, if one has a 1 in 5000 intelligence, with less education points one can qualify for contributorship (40 instead of 80) at the Candidate Associate Level 1.

3.  The ethical requirements as listed under must be appropriately justified. Please do not apply if there has been any violation.

For those wishing to apply please contact us at [email protected].  These documents are confidential. Please remember that documents sent to applicants by  secured email (using Zmail/  ZSentry Mail — see should be responded to by Zmail.  Once you have applied, you should maintain the ethical confidentiality listed in the Ethics page. Violators run the risk that they can never be admitted into ECAO, plus will be subject to legal action.

Please remember that as a consultant you will have a profile page that you can access but you will not be able to read anyone else’s profile page. Membership of ECAO is deliberately not made public though you can use your admission to consultancy in your resume, on your CV or on your bio, provided you state the level (e.g., Consultant: Associate: Level 1). We believe this an appropriate use of this great honor.

Also, you will be required to have your profile pages and your letters of recommendation. The profile page will be available to sponsors and “friends”. The recommendation letters may be available on request to these groups, and may be in your site. Therefore care must be taken to ensure it is adequate. Similarly, there is a declaration of continued ethical behavior that is required.

To save time, initially you may fill in the application to see whether you qualify, and at what level. Once this is confirmed, you must fill in the detailed information, which may or may not be reviewed or audited. At that point, the letters described under ethics will be due. Only after these reviews, will you be admitted for consultancy. Clarity of information will considerably speed up this process.

Please remember one major requirement is confidentiality of consultants or applicants. Under no circumstances must one mention the names of other consultants. This is so as the basis for this society is sponsorship and only sponsors have access to the list of consultants, unless one is on a specific board in ECAO requiring access to their names. Violations are serious will result in expulsion from ECAO and other action if it has harmed the organization as this will diminish or negate the need for sponsors.
You are welcome, however, to list your consultancy with ECAO in any document e.g. CV, resume, webpage. However, this must be listed accurately  in correct detail: e.g., until actual Levels are allocated to you, you are one of Member, Associate, Affiliate. Once you have an actual level, after July 1, 2010, you should list e.g. Associate ECAO  (Candidate Associate Level 1).


5. Affiliates must significantly motivate prior to receiving a Provisional Application why they think they will qualify. Unless this is done, their letter will not even be considered. Affilates do not have a formal  intelligence requirement though their records should be such that they are expected to be of exceptional intelligence though they have not had formal testing, and  they must  have achieved even more significantly than Associates or Members in the areas of creativity and education. (See /tiers and /border and /apply).

Because of the difficulty with assessing Affiliates, we will only, at this point,  take applications from individuals who have been recommended by a board member in our society. We know this is problematic because the names of board members are not made available, so effectively unless someone without the formal intelligence testing levels demonstrating at least 1 in 1000 is actively invited, we’re afraid that you will not be able to even apply. This will change but processing of such an pre-application may be a lengthy affair and will require a significant processing cost. 

Guidelines to assist the application.


Please read the above information for a perspective although some of the contents below repeat it. Please  contact us at [email protected] and indicate you want to apply for an ECAO consultancy. If you have not been approached, you should indicate at what level you think you will be admitted (Member, Associate, Affiliate) based on your examination of the tables.

After requesting to apply, you will be sent an application form  Please complete it in detail. We recognize this may take time, but on the other hand, it is minor compared to the degree of importance of your possible consultancy appointment.
You will have the opportunity to update this data.
Please remember that the data must be accurate as it can be audited. This is necessary as the Sponsors quite correctly expect the data to be as recorded. Violations will lead to removal from the ECAO, and may lead to other actions as it may endanger the ECAO.

The following is required at the time of Provisional Application.
1. Completing the attached spreadsheet in Excel. For the admission application, to save time at this point,  it just needs to reflect sufficient points you would need to qualify for the level that you are applying for. It will be available on a secure site for you to modify at a later time at which stage it can be updated. If you want to, and preferably, you can complete it in detail. Remember then to add in the URLs or other proofs of each achievement. If necessary, you can scan in data (everything is done electronically).  Most scoring is automatically completed once listed in the column, but is sometimes   tricky e.g. co-authorships of a peer reviewed article is subdivided and one must put in the fractions. In the event of questions, try your best and place a comment in the amplifying section on that line.
2. Your Curriculum vitae, resume, or /and biosketch.  Your CV should, at minimum, justify   the exceptional creative achievement and education you already have completed on the application form.

Once you have been notified about the status of your Provisional Application, we will require all of the following to complete the application. If you want, you can attach it with the application.

1.  Your profile photo which you sent.
2. You will also have a webpage/ bio page which you can edit,  to add pertinent information for example consulting.
I can send you another one of those scoresheets again. Most scoring when you list it, is automatically done for you but it may be tricky e.g. co-authorships of a peer reviewed article is subdivided and one must put in the fractions.
3. Two letters of recommendation. In the event of your having been invited by a Board Member, that member may be able to supply one. This should be broad motivating the applicants membership but also include the content of the second letter below.
The second letter should at minimum contain the following content:
I certify the following:
a. I am unrelated to the applicant, (name)
b. I have known (name)  for _____ years, in the following capacity: _________________
c. I can certify that as of (today’s date), his / her behavior and ethics is impeccable, such that I know of no reason why he should not successfully be able to act as a consultant in his area of expertise, even in complex, creative cases.
d. Signed with full name and ensuring address and phone number. Also the signatory should put in his/ her occupation.
4. If you are an Associate or Affiliate, you will need to enclose a processing annual membership fee of $50US. However, if you have been invited by the Executive Director to join, it is possible this fee may be waived or decreased in cases of need.

Consultants are encouraged to regularly update their information including their CV.
Any or all of the information supplied may be on your specific webpage. This page  will be accessible to you, your sponsors and the Board / appropriate committee of ECAO. Regular consultants will not have access to the names or details of other consultants.

Until September 1, 2010, we are not categorizing individuals into Levels, simply into categories: Members, Associates or Affiliates or don’t qualify. Unsolicited unqualified applicants will not be allowed to apply again.
Those consultants admitted to full membership before September 1, 2010, will become Founding Members.




For more information, please visit Frequently Asked Questions.

For detail about the Profile Files that contributors have, please visit Profile.