Ideals of this society(5KIQS, ECAO)

The name The Exceptional Creative Achievement Organization (ECAO) embodies the acronym AEIOU:

  • actualization,
  • exceptional intelligence
  • originality
  • understanding.

This reflects the ideals of this society:

  1. It is hoped to provide a professional think tank of exceedingly creative, exceptionally intelligent individuals who have demonstrable achievement records and high ethical standards.
  2. Consultancies allow companies, organizations and even governments to tap the remarkable qualities of a small number of extremely intelligent and creative individuals.
  3. Members of this group can be used professionally individually or together within their specialties to contribute to innovation and creative development in our society.
  4. Exceptional general intelligence.  (At least one in 5000 level general intelligence.  1 in 5000 was chosen because we do not believe that with our current knowledge that we can score above that level of intelligence with adequate accuracy to justify a higher level)
  5. Exceptional creativity  (Very significant creativity demonstrable by achievement)
  6. High level of ethical standards  (Absence of any ostensible elements that would impair the member functioning appropriately and if required confidentially when hired by a sponsoring company or organization).