Creative Recognition:

Individual Creative Achievements

  • Patents (each separate one counts 30 but not as clusters of the same or very similar patent; copyrights registered 6 points).
  • ┬áInventions or discoveries (each counts 20; if duplication of patent then higher score only counts)
  • Pioneering new research (internationally relevant research as testified by 2 peers: 50; locally relevant 8)
  • Development of significant new terms (published, recognized in the field) (counts 3 each) or in health fields, conditions (counts 4 each; if recognized by citations in the literature >100 add 4 more points, if >1000 separate citations add 16 more points).
  • Establishment of significant new methodology or measuring instruments (counts 30)
  • Establishment of significant new classifications or conditions or formulae (counts 30)
  • Establishment of new discipline (counts 50)

Individual creative achievements form one category of creativity and may count (allocating 3/4 points of creativity) towards education as necessary.