Medal of Exceptional Creative Achievement:

An occasional Medal of Exceptional Creative Achievement (made at most annually) to P5ECA or L5ECA members who especially distinguish themselves since joining the society; this requires:

a. nomination by committee of three or more consisting of at least Fellows.
b. at least 80% of voting members who have voted approving
c. at minimum but not sufficiently, recognition by a high level outside agency (e.g. Royal Society, AAAS, possibly ISPE philosopher, international award or equivalents)

This Medal is only available to Members who have attained the tier level of Professor and Level 13 or 14.

Because of its great prestige, it should be given rarely. In the first ten years of the 5ECA, it may be awarded as frequently as annually, thereafter it is anticipated to be less often.

Once the ECAO is fiscally liquid, there may be a financial award to this medal. At this point, there is not.