Why another society?:

Why another high IQ society?

The ECAO  provides a professional think tank of exceedingly creative, exceptionally intelligent individuals who have demonstrable achievement records and high ethical standards. Members of this group can be used professionally individually or together within their specialties to contribute to innovation and creative development in our society.

The ECAO has been established because it is unique. Why is this so?

  1. Because this is not only an international, exceptional intelligence society with a highly defined code of ethics, but it also requires achievement reflected in qualifications and creativity.
  2. This society is sufficiently screened in the areas of intelligence, creativity, achievement and ongoing ethics. Companies, organizations and countries may desire to hire the creative or other expertise of members in specific tasks.
  3. Our points system creates a significant challenge unencumbered by time; the simple scoring system allows each member to privately calculate his / her progress relatively easily . The points system is not based on absolutes but tends to load based on ostensible degree of creative achievement.
  4. Appropriate ethical standards reflect an ongoing requirement.
  5. Because the status of the suffix qualification may have both economic and academic qualifications as may the unique attainment levels.
  6. The name The Exceptional Creative Achievement Organization (ECAO) embodies the acronym AEIOU actualization, exceptional intelligence, originality and understanding. This reflects the ideals of this society.
  7. Because as a consequence of the alternative intelligence rule of admission based on definite demonstrable >4 d skills (very rare; 1 in 30,000 individuals) many individuals who are exceedingly creative can share in this society without formal proof of tests which may have creative limitations and which may have tested the limits.
  8. ECAO is in a strong position to have policy statements on areas of relevance to society. Areas such as intelligence are obvious. Such positions may not be unified but may allow fertile debate in critical areas.
  9. Special identity amongst high IQ societies; Membership should reflect pride (but not arrogance) even amongst high IQ societies. Those societies requiring higher “IQs” do not have members who necessarily qualify because they must have demonstrated achievement and creativity as well as impeccable ethics.
  10. 5KIQS is more than a society with an IQ entrance requirement alone of 100 fold stricter than Mensa or Mysterium, five times higher than Cerebrals, and five times higher than ISPE or Triple Nine society, and at the outer limits of real testability using conventional IQ testing. 5KIQS does not require the demonstrable IQ scores of Prometheus (1 in 30,000; >4.0 d) or of Ultranet Mega (1 in 100,000; 4.25d) as it is currently unlikely that such IQs can be measured by current psychometric instruments. IQ scores at the extremely high range largely measure increasingly difficult logic. However, we maintain that such complex logic may have divergent answers as this is a product of creativity. There is currently no adequate test of creativity based on testing used that is appropriate to measure exceptional intelligence. Moreover conventional IQ testing for the population does not reach these extremes. Even if IQ test measures could reach these levels, there is no construct other than creative performance that could be used to measure that, and that is uncertain as it is inherent within the definition of this construct. There is no requirement in any of these high intelligence societies to measure achievement and creativity though such attributes are always encouraged.

Beyond that, achievement, demonstrable ethics and creativity decrease this number considerably more.

  1. ECAO members are on a closed list, where outside companies or professional agencies may purchase or recruit their services in their area of specialty, if approved by all parties. The potential use of high intelligence, creative, educated, ethical individuals is highly relevant.
  2. ECAO ultimately will produce a peer-reviewed journal provisionally entitled “Creative Imagination” Members and subscribers may be able to submit.
  3. ECAO has facilities to publish peer-reviewed books of members. The book facilities are a late addition that may or may not happen with ECAO. Collaboration if at all possible is always bidirectional and I would assume that we could get together a more adequate team using more sources.