Future Directions:

A two to three man committee of individuals with expertise in psychometrics will be appointed.

Each consultant will be allocated a webpage. However, access to that page will be limited to sponsors and donors and the consultant himself/ herself.

This assures absolute confidentiality.

Once there is sufficient impetus for membership, communication channels, possibly via internet telephony and emails, and another special biographical page for Consultants as well as Sponsors in the Ning network or equivalent may occur. However, this may not necessarily identified by name.

journal will be opened for members. The major criterion is creative imagination and the journal is being called provisionally “Creative Imagination”.  It will be peer-reviewed.
The journal will be by subscription  and libraries can subscribe. Consultants and friends will have access to the journal which will at this point be electronic.

The possibility of publishing peer-reviewed books involving creative thoughts is a distant but significant element.

Early development will allow for rankings of Members and Contributors  in the first months. Once sufficient members (three to ten) are recruited the designations above can be allocated.

All communications at this point will be over the Internet.

A CEO is being appointed. At this point, it is the founder of ECAO, Dr Vernon Neppe.

Allocation of funds may be towards further philosophical and scientific research and studies involving Members and may be applied for.

Funds will also be allocated for running the ECAO and day to day costs.