Progression Principles:

One object is progression: This is  similar but the requirements are far higher than ISPE requiring education,  creativity, and higher IQ but no time restriction except at the highest level  for nomination.
Additionally, progression is based on a  secure mechanism of self-reporting on the Internet where individuals must be  honest in their records of progression.

These records are automatically scored so the  work required for supervisors is markedly diminished yet a potential  audit trail is set up. The records are  added into a spreadsheet allowing these audits to be done at any time. Because false declarations could mean expulsion form  the society and possible criminal or civil proceedings, and false information  also requires payment of the costs of the audit, we believe that false  information should be rare.

This means that individuals must be honest in  their records of progression which are automatically scored and the work  required is markedly diminished.

Incentives to progression involve not only  attainment of higher levels relating to personal satisfaction or recognitions  within this group or on curriculum vitae, but the ability to negotiate appropriate but higher levels of professional consultancy.