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Acceptance to the Exceptional Creative Achievement Organization (ECAO) is based on  the information provided in the applications of its Consultants or Friends, and recertification, when performed, may be based on  re-credentialing which may include updates of ethicality.

Consequently, the Exceptional Creative Achievement Organization cannot  guarantee the ethical statements, nor the true qualifications of Consultants, no matter how stringent our criteria are compared with other organization. The ECAO will not under any circumstances, commission or omission, be  responsible for any of the information  that was or was not given to the ECAO before or during membership. Whereas audits may have occurred, this may be incomplete. It is the responsibility of the Sponsor to clarify all pertinent information with the consultant during the process of hiring and such contracts are always entirely between the Consultant and the Sponsor. Any negligence or dereliction of duty or damages or poor outcomes or unforeseen, unpredicted consequences are never the responsibility of ECAO. The Sponsor and the Consultant are expected to be fully cognizant of these rules, and to accept them and absolve the ECAO, any officers and staff of ECAO, and their families,  from any such responsibilities.