If you nearly qualify:

What happens if someone cannot qualify for ECAO but is close?

An individual may qualify not for membership but to be an associate, affiliates or an adjunct.
Whereas members do not pay a fee, associates, affiliates and adjuncts do. However, they are all regarded as consultants and as their names and levels do not appear publicly on this site, but is available to sponsors and donors etc, this is still a major honor, that can also be used in their biographies or curriculum vitae (designation e.g. Associate, Candidate, Level 1 must be stated if you are disclosing this).

Please re-examine the table to establish whether or not you believe you qualify.

Not qualifying for ECAO as a Member may reflect one or more of several reasons.

1.  Intelligence is close to the 1 in 5000 level (like demonstrably >1 in 1000)  but not 1 in 5000. Consequently individuals may qualify to be Associates or Affiliates or Adjuncts but may never be able to reach membership. Nevertheless, if they otherwise qualify, they can progress in the same way as Members but just on an Associate or (rarely, but still possibly) Affiliate track and even more rarely on an Adjunct track. (These groups still are consultants. Sponsors may use them.)

2.  Intelligence is demonstrably  at the 1 in 5000 level but the exceptional creative achievement as reflected academically combined with creativity does not produce sufficient points to become a Candidate Member.  These individuals may at a later point qualify.

3. There is a small subpopulation who on recommendations of full members who are Fellows or above, and after approval by the Executive Director or his representative, may be invited to apply for Adjunct status, when otherwise they do not qualify. These individuals should not solicit membership or apply, they must be nominated and approved for application after completing the requisite testing and supplying the required data.

4. Of course, there are ethical or moral or other violations such that the individual cannot be accepted at any level, including associate, affiliate or adjunct. We would hope this would be uncommon but we must demonstrate an absolute stringency so that to the best of our ability we can recommend our members to Sponsors around the world. Please note that ECAO cannot take responsibility for an individuals behavior, but does require them to make declarations of this kind under penalty of perjury and may audit. If there are such violations discovered, the member or friend may be removed from the society. The bylaws stipulate that this can be done at the governing boards discretion and the member or friend has to sign a declaration in that regard. This way protection occurs for all parties (other members and friends including corporate or other sponsors, and the individual himself).

If you apply and do not qualify, you may be permitted to re-apply in six months if circumstances have changed. This is at the discretion of the Executive Board of 5eca.com. Generally, this will be allowed if your scoring would now suggest qualification at a consultancy level.

A re-application fee applies to cover what may be several hours of processing work required.


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